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A network of professional services that focus on Business Development and reducing the unemployment rate.

Who are we?

Efficient Leaders PTY LTD is a B-BBEE Level 1 company who is involved in the development and upliftment of communities, such as basic business skills for the informal and SME sector to enable them to grow and assist with job creation. 

Our consultants are subject matter experts with the relevant qualifications and experience.

We assist businesses with skills audit, WSP, ATR, Recruitment and Performance management.

Submit Discretionary grant applications on behalf of clients and source funding to address the unemployment crisis.

Create infrastructure support to ensure sustainable Economical Development.

Development of website and provide the basic and advanced marketing tools.

Our Focus

The focus of Efficient Leadership is to create a network between Private and Public Sectors to reduce the unemployment rate. This Strategy is aligned with COGTA’s District Development approach.

“Efficient Leaders will identify skills needs per district in relationship with SETA’S Sector Skills Plans and the IDP’s of the Municipalities. Our network of Private Companies will take ownership of the development in correlation with Local and District Municipalities and we will provide support to these important programs of Local Authorities.

Our Vision & Mission


To Become experts in Creating Sustainable Economic Opportunities.


Efficient Leaders PTY LTD are passionate and committed to improve the economic circumstances in all communities. Our main purpose is to connect stakeholders, so we can create a powerful and sustainable economic environment.

Our Vision & Mission Means:

  • Reduce Unemployment
  • Improve Economic Development
  • Make an Impact on Society
  • Create an environment of Respect amongst stakeholders
  • Promote Ethics and Transparency.

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